Diary entry #10 – Shopping and leather jackets

April 18, 2014 – Shopping and leather jackets

DSC04607I went shopping with my mom again today. I instantly went into the store where they had the leather jacket and skinny jeans i saw online earlier. Surprise, surprise they had a full stock of them so i had no worries that they would be gone in a few hours. I decided that i’ll fit and buy those two before going home, but first browse around other shops.

One of my mom’s favorite shops seemed to have disappeared and the arrows pointing to the new one didn’t make sense at all. According to the arrows the new shop was under the old building it used to be in, but that was impossible. After a bit of searching we saw the temporary shop tucked away in a corner where really nobody could see it. I bought some new belts there since the ones i had were too big for some of the jeans i have now.

After that my mom and i went to get something to eat before shopping any further. We talked for a bit and apparently my brothers told about me at their work. I’m clueless as to why she would hide information like that from me, it’s not like it’s entirely unimportant. But oh well, i don’t know those people at their work so everything is fine for now i guess.

So we went back to shop around all kinds of clothing stores. Bought a shirt there and that’s pretty much it. Oh and i tried some daisy dukes on, which was kind of a weird experience. It looks kinda nice though and my mom thinks it makes my butt look great. Then we went back to get the leather jacket i had an eye on. I put it on and thought it looked pretty neat so i decided to buy it of course. In front of the changing rooms a shop assistant was waiting so it was kind of awkward when i exited and my mom was holding my female clothes.

My mom decided this was a good moment for me to try and pay for it at the register all by myself. Scary thoughts rushed through my head, but i made sure to not overthink things because  i know that causes problems. Luckily enough the assistant at the register gave zero fucks about what i was about to buy. She probably thought it was for ‘my girlfriend’ anyway. Oh well, lesson learned, at least i don’t have to be afraid of buying female clothing anymore. All in all this was a good day.


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