Diary entry #8 – Coming out at college part one

March 19, 2014 – Coming out at college part one

chairsThe plan for today was coming out to the people of my college project group. As usual I was fucking anxious beyond reason. Tried to puke in the morning but nothing came out. Really, my body is fucking weird. After that i went to college but first I had a boring economics lesson. Then the time was there. Oh boy was I nervous. They were all sitting there, oblivious of the fact I was the reason they were called together in this room. My tutor explained I was the reason shortly after and that whatever I say should be treated with respect. So yeah I started telling whatever i usually do when i come out to people.

It was weird, they weren’t that surprised. One said it was very brave that I told this. Others said they could put the pieces of the puzzle together now. Another girl said that she noticed at the beginning of the year that something wasn’t quite right and wondered why the hell I had beautiful long well-kept nails. They were all very accepting and understanding which was such a relief. Of course the obvious questions got asked like: are you into men or women, what did your parents think and what will hormones do to you. We filled the rest of the hour with other questions related to it. We all agreed at the end not to tell the rest of the class yet. I had such a big smile on my face for the rest of the day that i might as well have looked like a psychopath to outsiders. I still have to tell the rest of the class though, not really looking forward to that, but who knows it might end well.


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