Diary entry # 13 – A gift from my brother

A gift from my brother

DSC04617A few days ago my brother gave me a gift. Surprisingly enough it was some perfume! He told me he had a perfume company host a party introducing their new line of fragrances at his work. Every guest got a free bottle of perfume and at the end there were a few left, so the employees could have one too. Since my brother doesn’t have a girlfriend yet and my mom doesn’t like perfume, he thought i would like to have it. Today i had a look at what it was all about.

The packaging came with a booklet which had a CD in it and of course the perfume itself. On the CD was nothing too interesting, just some marketing photo’s and a promotional video. The booklet had “look at how awesome we are as a company, please buy our other products too” buzzwords and not much else. The perfume bottle is transparent with a gold looking top where a little crystal is hanging from. According to my brother it’s some moderately expensive perfume if you were to buy it in a store.

Ah yes, the smell. It kind of smells like blossom and a bit of raspberry. I’m not an expert on perfume, so most of them smell the same to me. It’s not a perfume that pierces your nostrils, it’s kind of soft actually and you can’t really smell it unless you’re close by. It has a nice feminine touch to it too, but that is to be expected of a fragrance for women i guess. In the end, i’m very happy with it and i will definitely use it whenever i get the chance.


One thought on “Diary entry # 13 – A gift from my brother

  1. love this post! I did a review on Taylor Swift perfume called wonderstruck and just did post on ‘comparing yourself with others’ it would ean alot if you could check it out and maybe follow me! You have a really lovely blog! xxx Hatice

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