A familiar teenage problem

I went to my general practicioner/doctor today because he wanted to see if my acne had disappeared. Sadly it was not. I said the gel he gave me didn’t work at all. So now he prescribed me some kind of “miracle pills” that supposedly are going to work. I still have my doubts. So far nothing has worked on me. I have tried better skin care, all kinds of facewash that are supposed to get rid of acne and multiple gels. Even used a few pills before that my gp prescribed to me and that didn’t work either.

It’s kind of weird too that acne hits me at this age. I mean, i’m 21, i shouldn’t have to deal with this. Now i have to say i didn’t really have much of it in puberty but i don’t think there’s a correlation here. I honestly think it’s my testosterone levels and stress that caused it. It first started when i attended my new college and i came out to my parents. Coincidence? Yes i do think it is.

According to some transgender friends my acne should clear up relatively fast once i’m on hormones. I sure hope so, because my acne seems to be extremely hard to get rid of. If anything, it’s a last ‘fuck you’ for being a testosterone filled male.



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