About old diary posts

For now it’ll just be those four posts in the category “old memories”. I have a lot more of them, but i can’t post them. The reason for that is that most of them are part of my life story, which my gender clinic has a copy of. I think i’m going to get in some trouble if i post it online. Once i’m done with treatment there i’ll probably be allowed to post it.

My life story (regarding my gender dysphoria) goes way back into my childhood. I think the first diary post i made was when i was age 9. I don’t know why i wrote diary posts at that age, but i’ve always liked to write things down that may be of use in the future. It’s fun to read how my mind worked as a child, although the wording is absolutely horrible.

I’ll see if i can post more of “old memories”, if anything, that doesn’t upset my gender clinic.


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