Diary entry #17 – shoes, shoes, shoes

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shoes, shoes, shoes

So i went shoe shopping with my mom yesterday. One of the shoe stores had a pretty good deal. When you bought pair of shoes, you got the next pair for a dollar. We needed new shoes anyway so this was the perfect opportunity.

So we went to the store and surprisingly it wasn’t that crowded, although i could see a few mom’s with kids lugging a lot of shoes to the cash register. I continued into the store, looking around where the women’s section was. It’s always a bit scary walking into the women’s section, especially when i’m in boymode and fitting women’s shoes. I saw some cool sneakers, but there was only one shoe in the box. So i asked the shop assistant to get the other one. He was gone for a good ten minutes so i started wondering what the hell he was doing. It seemed he was searching for the wrong size. He also told me the reason why there was one shoe in the first place. Apparently the popular and expensive shoes get stolen a lot, which is why they put one shoe so stealing has no purpose.

Once i found some sneakers i liked i went on to search for a next pair. Sadly i never fit the shoes in the boots section, they’re usually way too small for my feet. Thank testosterone for making my feet big. My mom had already found her pair of shoes and she decided she wanted the same shoe but in a different color so she could mix and match. I was fine with that and i went on to fit my other pair of shoes. I saw one girl was watching me from a corner, wondering why the hell a guy was fitting women’s shoes. She was wearing the same shoes i was fitting so that was a little awkward. Once again the people at the cash register give zero fucks about what shoes you’re buying so that’s nice. After that i went home with my new two pairs of shoes.


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