30 Day Trans Challenge – Day 4

How did your family take it when you came out? / If you are not out, why aren’t you?

Pretty good. My parents keep on being accepting and supportive of me transitioning. They see how i am much happier now that i can somewhat live as a girl. My two brothers are fine with it too and the oldest one likes the idea of having a sister. My mom sometimes says it’s weird seeing me wearing male clothing around the house. I girlmode pretty much any chance i get at home so that makes sense.

The only people i haven’t come out to yet is my extended family. Unlike most families, we’re not really close with the extended family. I see them maybe two times a year. Mostly because they’re a bunch of selfish people who don’t really care about others. And some of them are religious nut-jobs so i don’t think they would accept me for who i am in a thousand years. The only people i’m willing to come out to in my extended family is my uncle and my aunt. They seem like the only reasonable people out of the bunch.

Also, somehow there is a severe lack of females (daughters) in my family tree. We have like four young females in our extended family, the rest is male (somewhere around 15-20 young males). So it had to go wrong somewhere ( just kidding 🙂 ). Perhaps they’ll be happy to have a new girl added to the family tree.


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