30 Day Trans Challenge – Day 6

Who was the first person you told about being trans?

This was a few years ago when i was playing an online multiplayer game. We had a little community going on in that game and we knew eachother pretty well. One girl there was openly transgender, she didn’t care about people knowing she was. Somehow during one of our conversations, she managed to pick up on details that didn’t really fit someone who was a guy. I later confessed i was trans and still in the closet. She said to me that i had to go do something about it, she was sure i would be happier if i transitioned.

I was still horrified what my parents would think if i were to come out. She tried a lot of things, but i was stubborn and i didn’t want to tell my parents. We talked about a lot of things transgender related, which took away some of my doubts. So if i ever were to transition, that would be fine. She is also one of the most beautiful transgirls i’ve ever seen, which took away some of my doubts of possibly ending up extremely ugly.

After about a year of playing the multiplayer game, i quit and cut contact. I was bored the game and sadly i didn’t ask for her contact information. That’s when i spiralled down back into denial of me being transgender for whatever reason. I just wanted to be normal.

This year i found her posting on a forum i regularly visit. She had the same name there as her ingame name. At the point of meeting in the game she had already transitioned and she was going to have her sexual reassignment surgery in six months. When i read her recent post, she was happily married and was thinking of adopting a kid. I’m very happy for her that everything worked out so well. I hope i can be a success story or role model one day too.



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