30 Day Trans Challenge – Day 8

How do you deal with being read mis-gendered by people in the beginning of transitioning ?

To be honest i don’t really care right now. I still look like a dude so i don’t expect people to call me as anything else. I’m not going to force them to do it right until i actually look like a girl. But since i’m not doing girlmode outside on a daily basis and thus don’t get “misgendered” often, i don’t really have more to say on this. I can tell a short story and stuff about pronouns, but that’s it.

I’ve been gendered correctly twice so far in my entire life which kind of made my day when it happened. One was when i was shopping with my mom and the shop assistant said “can i help your daughter with anything?”. The shop assistant started apologizing immediatly after i turned around. That kind of made me feel happy, even though this was a really long time ago where i didn’t even know who or what transgender was. The other time was in a chinese(?) restaurant where the server thought i was a girl and kept referring to me as lady. The weird thing is, i didn’t look that girly at all.

As for preferred pronouns, it’s the same story as in the first paragraph. I don’t expect my family to call me by my girl name or she/her prounouns when i still mostly go outside as a guy. Once i go fulltime as a girl, then i suppose it would irritate me a bit when they keep calling me by my old name and him/his pronouns. So far my family has done a pretty good job calling me Naomi whenever they need me for something. Only my dad sometimes has a hard time with it so he just calls me “woman” or “N” when he sees me. I think it’s best to slowly ease them into it before i go fulltime.


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