30 Day Trans Challenge – Day 9

What is something positive about being trans?

Boobs (just kidding, i don’t have those yet 🙂 ). But in all seriousness, i think i’m much more open minded now that i found out i am transgender. In the past i used to think of people that were different as weird and crazy. Since being transgender is pretty weird too i see people who are different in a whole other light now. I think of them as cool people that they dare to bend societies rules like that. So basically i have no problem with people being different anymore as long as they don’t harm others. Whatever floats their boat i always say.

I also seem to be a much more interesting person to people. People see me as that quiet guy in class that sometimes makes a funny remark. But when i come out as trans to them i’m suddenly this alien species they want to know everything about. The woman that helped me come out to my college class was really super interested in my transition. Turns out we’re a pretty rare breed ;). Not that people finding me interesting is a bad thing, i love to educate people on the subject of being transgender.

Lastly, i see having lived as both genders as a positive thing. Of course i don’t like being male, but there are some guy things that might come in handy in the future. You don’t see a girl fixing bikes or being really tech savvy that often.


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