30 Day Trans Challenge – Day 10

What are some of your fears in regards to being trans?

This might sound silly, but not being able to get in a relationship because of my past. My dating pool has already gotten pretty small because i’m transgender. I will probably need to find someone very open minded or bisexual that is willing to accept the fact that i was once a boy.

Another one is not being seen as a girl in society aka not passing well enough. Feeling one with my body is one thing, but i would very much like to be accepted for who i present as. I’m sure this is achievable in the future, but as of now it’s still a fear because who knows how good my genetics are.

The last one is that it somehow turns out that i’m not actually transgender. It’s extremely unlikely to happen since i’ve already been diagnosed as having gender dysphoria and thus transgender by my therapist, but there’s always that 1% of doubt that keeps nagging away at you. I don’t see this happening but you never know what science might find in the future. Maybe the cause is not hormonal imbalance in the brain but something else.


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