30 Day Trans Challenge – Day 14

What are some of your passing tips or things you do to pass?

I try to wear stuff that minimizes or hides my shoulders. Because sadly enough, i have above average shoulder width for a male. And if you look at the female average, i’m way above that. Now of course i haven’t been on hormones yet and i have quite some muscle in that area, but i don’t think they will take too much of that away. So as of now i’m keeping away from tank tops, spaghetti tops and pretty much everything else that shows bare shoulders.

Other than that i try to wear clothing that shows off whatever curves or shapes i do have. I believe i have a nice butt and legs (as confirmed by cis girls) so skinny jeans look pretty good on me. I also somehow got a thin waist so that makes shirts and tops look more fitting.

So yeah it’s mostly clever use of clothing i use to pass right now. I’m still practicing my makeup to get more of a natural no makeup makeup look. Because it kind of looks like “what the hell is this girl doing with her makeup” right now. Oh and i style my hair, so that helps a little too.

Passing tips

  • Wear as much stuff a normal female would wear (clothing, makeup, jewellery, bags etc.) as possible. People are visually oriented, so if a lot of things say “female”, it might as well be a female.
  • You’d be amazed how much having long hair helps with passing, more often than not people will gender you female if they see long hair (unless you wear super dude-like clothing of course).
  • Posture. Your slouching days are over, having good posture looks feminine.
  • As mentioned before, wear clothing that fits your body shape, enhances good features and minimizes the bad ones.
  • Learn female mannerisms. Sitting like a dude and looking like you’re going to punch someone isn’t going to help.
  • Learn to work with colors, what goes with what. Color combinations that make no sense at all make you look like dude who doesn’t care whatever he wears.
  • Carry yourself with confidence. People are more inclined to notice people who are sad/depressed/unhappy so that makes it more obvious that something is wrong and they’ll start looking for signs that tell them what is wrong.
  • Hormones, take them. Now of course i don’t have experience with those yet, but i can imagine it can help quite a bit with passing.
  • Voice, no experience here either, but i am encountering more and more places where i really do have to use my voice in girlmode. If it somewhat sounds like a female, people are probably willing to accept you have an unfortunate voice, but still gender you female.

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