30 Day Trans Challenge – Day 15

How have you embraced your trans identity?

Wait what, being trans is an identity? I thought it was a medical condition. I sure didn’t choose to be trans so i can’t see how that’s an identity. Weird phrasing of the question aside, i think they mean how i show that i am trans to the the rest of the world. Well…

I don’t really do much of anything to show that i am trans. I don’t wear rainbow bracelets or do secret handshakes with LGBT people at all. The only thing i can think of is this blog where people can read about my transition. That and i often help out people with their trans problems on other forums.

The main reason i don’t embrace it is that i’m not really proud or anything that i’m transgender. It’s just something i have got and have to live with. I don’t see the point of informing everyone that i’m trans. Pride parades are cool and all and good for acceptance but i just don’t like to partake in them. I’d rather be invisible than to be obviously trans.


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