30 Day Trans Challenge – Day 19

If you’re religious how do your views effect being trans? If you’re not religious what about your family religions?

I’m not religious anymore. I used to believe when i was a young child but that changed after i found out god wasn’t there for me. I prayed for months on end to wake up as a girl but that never happened so i stopped believing. I’m kind of an atheist now.

My parents (and the rest of the family) are catholic. My parents don’t see me as a mistake god made, they say if god wanted me to be this way then so it is. And that god could have decided that i could “flourish” better as a female, which is why he decided i should be that way later in life.

My parents always let me free to believe in whatever i wanted, but did want me to know biblical values like care for eachother, be honest, respect and forgive others. I think those values also played a big role to accepting me as trans when i came out. They are a big fan of “love eachother no matter what”, which i think is a big reason that they still love me, even if i want to change.

My extended family is also catholic. They are quite the bit more extreme in their beliefs than my parents. I fear ever coming out to them, i’d probably be a sinner or have demons inside me. So yeah i don’t plan to come out to them anytime soon.


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