30 Day Trans Challenge – Day 20

Do you want to be a parent, why or why not?

I want to be a parent one day, yeah. Sadly enough i will never be able to experience pregnancy and i don’t think science will progress to that point in my lifetime. I don’t really care about having genetic children of my own (as a male) because of this. Population is rising higher and higher so i’d rather adopt a kid than to freeze sperm and have a surrogate baby.

My parents have asked me a few times to bank sperm though, just in case. My genetics are nothing special (apart from one webbed toe) so i don’t feel the need to. My two brothers can give them all the genetic children they want. I imagine that if i was an only child, this would be much harder on my parents.

I’d love to have a (adopted) daughter one day. I want to learn her all the girly things and stuff and have a good mother-daughter relationship like the one my mom and i are building now. I think i’d be a good mother, i’m caring, good with children and will have enough interesting experiences to share with them. A son would be fine too, since i can relate pretty well to what a boy goes through up until their twenties. Only the period talk with my future daughter is going to be a little bit awkward i think ;).


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