30 Day Trans Challenge – Day 24

Who is your favorite LGBT actor/musician/director/artist etc and why?

Umm i got a few.

ian mckellanIan mckellen is my favorite gay actor. He was really great as gandalf and magneto. I also admire his “I don’t give a shit” attitude when it comes to gay stuff or when he’s on a pride parade. Usually wearing pink like a boss (but not seen in the pic).


As for my favorite LGBT musician, it’s macklemore. He’s not actually gay, i know, but he’s a good ally to the LGBT community. I love his song “same love” and i think it’s pretty brave to sing about something like that in the music industry. Also some of the lyrics he sings about in the song could also be applied to trans people. “And i can’t change, even if i tried, even if i wanted to”. This is a remix of it, but you get the general idea 😉

wachowskiMy favorite LGBT director and also a fellow transwoman, is Lana Wachowski. She’s known for directing the Matrix triology, Cloud Atlas and V for Vendetta. Especially in the movie industry transitioning is a very bold move, most studios don’t like anything that is different from the norm. Also rocking that pink hair seems like a big “fuck you” to whoever thinks of everyone that is different as weird people.



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