Vacation day 1 – Not what i was expecting

I’m not going to sweeten up the story of what happened on my vacation, so expect to see a lot of swearing and graphic mental imaging. I’ll be posting about it for the next few days.

escalatedMy parents always get super stressed out when they’re preparing to go on vacation. This time was no different and because of that we always forget something.  This time it were some binoculars and a teapot. My dad wanted to leave early so i didn’t have enough time to get ready in girlmode so i went in boymode. Pretty much all the clothes in my suitcase were part of my girl’s wardrobe so luckily it wasn’t that big of a deal.

We all needed to take a pee after a few hours of driving so we went to a gas station. Somehow taking a piss is fucking expensive these days, i had to pay 70 cents to get into the bathroom. [Warning graphic text] When i opened the toilet door there was shit everywhere and some smears on the ground. Some kid had some kind of diarrhea explosion here or something and his boxers were still laying in a corner on the ground. I thought it was fucking disgusting so it took the other toilet. The cleaning lady came in shortly and i could hear her shouting “fuck this job”. I’m sorry for the mental image i just gave you but i just had to describe the most disgusting thing i’ve ever seen in my life. That experience was not worth my 70 cents. We left shortly after and started driving again.

Not much happened after that until we came to the next stop. We got something to eat at a pizza hut/gas station hybrid and it was pretty crowded. I can’t take a piss in crowded spaces if my life depended on it so i took a good ten minutes to do my thing. I sat down with my parents there and i saw a lot of girls my age. My jealousy was burning with passion at that moment. In those moments i always start to doubt and hate myself for who i am. Why can’t i be normal? How will this ever work out? I realised from where i am now as a person (and as a transitioning male to female) that i am still so so far away from where i want to be. It would take years before i’ll reach anything similar to the girls i was looking at i thought to myself.

With only a few kilometres to spare till we reached our destination, we came through a few towns. Now if any of you has ever seen a ghost town in a movie, this one was it. Absolutely nobody to be seen, all stores closed and homes didn’t look like they were renovated in decades. The town that had the park we we’re going to only had 100 residents and nobody was outside either. Places like that seriously give me the heebie jeebies.

Once we reached our destination my parents went to check in at the reception. After they came back they said the house still wasn’t cleaned and we had to wait for about an hour. It was already three o’clock so we wondered why it still wasn’t done yet. Once again, i saw more girls my age and the whole thing started all over again. Dysphoria, what’s not to like, right?

DSC05246They called us when they were done cleaning so we went to the house shortly after. This house was the most prefab made thing i’d ever seen. Super small, it had just enough space to live in. Disappointed with this vacation so far i unpacked my things. I couldn’t be arsed to girlmode for the rest for the day so i didn’t.

Luckily, there was one good thing about this day. My dad is a platinum member of a traveling company so we got quite some freebies and perks. For dinner we had a three course meal, chicken soup, something with meat and a big ass plate of ice cream. It was pretty good to be honest, not to be expected of this small town. It being a free 200 dollar dinner made it even better. Only the restaurant was all the way uphill from our little house so we had to walk all the way down. I fell down on my bed like a sack of sand after we got back, as i was tired as fuck. All in all, it was a pretty (literally) shit  day.

DSC05227 Me and my brother slept here.


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