Vacation day 2 – Stares

I woke up pretty restless today. My brother is a heavy breather and the beds were only a few inches apart from eachother so i only slept for a few hours. I also can’t eat anything heavy in the morning (or bread even) so it took a while before i actually ate something.

Anyway, i started preparing for going out as a girl since i didn’t do that the previous day. After a while my dad started to get angry because i was taking too long. To be honest, i still haven’t built up much speed in my girl getting ready routine yet. After a good 45 minutes i was ready to go.

IMG_1001We went to a place with some caves this day first. When we arrived i had to pee pretty badly but i already saw women lining up at the restroom so i decided to wait for a bit. Eventually i went to take a piss. We went in the nearby shop to get our free tickets (platinum member 😉 ). The next tour into the caves started in an hour so we had to wait for a bit. As time progressed it got more crowded around the area. Some people looked at me multiple times but i wasn’t sure if it was because they didn’t know what gender i was or that i wasn’t very convincing as a girl. I hoped it was the former.

So we went into the caves and the tour guide said we had to stay close to him because this cave was pretty much a labyrinth. The tour guide had a funny accent by the way. In the cave were the usual stalagmites and stalagtites and crevices. So nothing really new to see for me there because i had been in similar looking caves before.

After we were done with the caves we decided we could go to the nearby city. On the way there i saw a huge graveyard. It was a few hundred meters long and you could see tombstones along the whole hill. Once we were in the city we saw a fort on a hill. We decided that it would be pretty interesting to see what was inside. You could take a very long set of stairs to get to the top of the hill or take the elevator. We didn’t feel like walking all the way up so we took the elevator.

IMG_1020When we were on top a photographer immediatly wanted to take a photo of us as a family. I didn’t really want to be pictured by others in my girlmode but i decided to go with it. We could buy the photo at the reception later  if we wanted. We took a walk with the tour guide there because you weren’t able to get all the way to the top of the tower without one.

All went well until i noticed some teenagers looking at me. I could hear they were talking about me and they chuckled a little. That kind of hurt my confidence i build up to do this vacation as a girl. I tried to ignore it but more young people started noticing later on. It felt like all the attention was drawn to me.

We went down the hill and into a church next. Once again, some stupid teenagers noticed i was in girlmode. I was afraid anyone else in the church would think i was a walking sin in there. We went on into the city but there wasn’t really anything interesting to see and they didn’t have many shops.

It was getting late already and we decided to eat at a pizza place. Once there some dude was looking at me all the time so i asked my dad to switch seats with me. Crisis averted. I told my parents there i was kind of expecting people to look at me. As a pre-hormones mtf i can’t expect to pass flawlessly or pass at all for that matter. That and people don’t see a trans person everyday so i naturally draw attention to myself. There was one thing i noticed though, older people don’t seem to notice i am in girlmode but younger people do so that’s kind of weird.

Once we were done eating and ready to leave, it started raining extremely hard. 30 minutes and counting it was still raining so my dad said he’d drive the car here. It was pretty cool of him that he went through the rain to pick us up. When we returned at our little house nothing much happened besides watching some tv.


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