Ask me anything series – Questions from Thehieron

I can’t make much sense of these questions as a non-native speaker and your phrasing is vague but i’ll try to answer as far as i understand them.

What are your thoughts about the ethical aspects of transition?

Ethical aspects? I think transitioning is the right thing to do if the person is in fact transgender. I see nothing wrong with a person wanting to change their gender.

How has your gender identity influenced your ideas about spirituality?

It hasn’t. I don’t believe in spirituality.

How do you dream?

I don’t understand.

How do you hope?

I don’t understand.

How do you believe?

I don’t believe, i’m an atheist.

How do you love?

I don’t understand.

To what things do you aspire?

I aspire to completely be myself one day with the help of hormones and such. Other than that i’d very much aspire a job in the television and audio branch.

I’m sorry for the short or nonexistent answers but i simply do not understand what you’re trying to ask me with these questions. Perhaps you could elaborate further in the comments so i could answer these better.

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