Diary entry #23 – It’s been a while

anniversaryToday it has been exactly a year since i set things in motion. And by that i mean i started my transition by coming out to my parents. Makes you think, damn time goes by fast. I’ll do a little recap of what happened the past year (in chronological order).

  • Came out to my parents
  • Got a refferal from my GP (primary care/health provider)
  • Signed up at the nearby gender clinic
  • Got an intake appointment at the gender clinic
  • Found a fitting girl name for me
  • Waited for 5,5 months (where i practiced makeup, clothing stuff and other things)
  • Started this blog
  • First appointment at the gender clinic (start diagnostic phase)
  • Second appointment at the gender clinic and me being trans was starting to shine through at college
  • Came out to a small amount of people at my college
  • Third appointment at gender clinic and they confirmed i had gender dysphoria
  • Bought a lot of clothes
  • Saw myself in the mirror for the first time
  • Answered a shitload of questions during a psychological assessment at the gender clinic
  • Came out to my whole college class
  • My therapist started to gatekeep me
  • bought more clothes, shoes and other stuff
  • Went out in girlmode for the first time
  • More practice outside in girlmode
  • Went in girlmode to the gender clinic for the first time
  • Went on vacation as a girl
  • Therapist kept on gatekeeping
  • Realized i still have quite some stuff to learn about being a girl

So yeah it’s been quite the year. Good and bad things, fun and sad things happened. But i pushed through all of it, so that’s quite the achievement. What i can see happening next year (from now till august 2015) in no particular order:

  • Coming out to my new college class (I probably have to do this every year)
  • Therapist allowing me to get on hormones
  • Actually going on hormones
  • Changing my legal name
  • Go fulltime as a girl (i’m kinda getting forced into this but whatever)
  • Showing a pic of myself on this blog (sorry to keep you people in suspense!)
  • Become a happy person and be myself for the first time

And probably a lot more i can’t think of right now and unexpected stuff that will happen. As always you’ll probably see it written about on this blog ;).


3 thoughts on “Diary entry #23 – It’s been a while

  1. Happy 1st transition anniversary Naomi πŸ™‚ hope you achieve all you hope for in the upcoming year my dear, and then some πŸ™‚ ..
    Love and hugs,
    PS, waiting for this photo of yours πŸ˜‰

    • I would wait a little longer till hormones show me more bodily changes. In the three months i get not a lot happens besides softer skin, get erections less often and some mental effects. So i guess i would have a better peace of mind and i would be more confident when i am on it longer. Getting forced into fulltime while only passsing half the time is kind of scary.

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