Something unexpected happened

Now before you guys start guessing, no, they did not suddenly put me on hormones. That of course would be really cool, but something else happened what i thought was unexpected. If you’ve been following my blog, you know that i told my neighbor that i was transgender. Well… something happened after that.

My mom asked my neighbor today if she had told her husband and daughter that i was transgender. And as a matter of fact she did. She didn’t tell what her husband thought of it, but her daughter was really enthousiastic about it. She even wants to take me shopping some time soon! I can’t help to think it’s a little weird though, a 15 year old girl taking a 21 year old “guy” shopping for clothes, but whatever :). She continued on that she is willing to help me with anything and said that i had her full support. She even said that if i ever needed a shoulder to cry on, that she would be there for me.

I was thinking about why she would give me so much support all of a sudden. The answer my mom gave to that made it pretty clear. She has one transgender person in her class, which is why she probably understands what i’ve been going through and chooses to support me. Small world, huh?

I would have never expected so much support from someone i barely know. I hope she’s willing to teach me about some stuff i’m not that experienced in yet (hair, makeup, clothing style). As of now i’ve learned everything by myself by trial and error, youtube videos and whatever articles i could find. My mom wasn’t really helpful in that respect as she never learned “how to girl” either. It kind of blows my mind that this happened all of a sudden. I’m really happy right now, you should see the smile on my face as i’m typing this :). Now if only my therapist says he wants to put me on hormones this thursday, that would make my week complete. I would probably burst into tears if that happens.


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