I’m going bald

For the past few months i’ve been losing more hair than i’m comfortable with. My temples and hairline have already receded quite a bit. A little bald spot is forming on the back of my head too. On the top of my head i can see the follicles are already in their last growth phase and look glaringly different from my other hairs. It will only be a matter of time before it falls out too.

It scares me, really. I don’t want to be a girl with balding spots and an obviously receded hairline. My dad was already bald when he turned 21. My brother has obvious see-through hair and he’ll be probably be bald too in a year or two. Pretty much all the men in my (extended) family have this problem. It seems it’s embedded in our genes or something.

Now i hope hormones will prevent any more damage to my hair, but who knows, the hormone DHT (part of testosterone) is not always the cause of baldness. I feel it’s already to late to start taking finasteride since i’ll be taking hormones in a few months anyway. That and i know my gender clinic will never prescribe it and my family doctor probably won’t either. My gender clinic sees balding in mtf’s as a non-problem. You’ll probably get an answer like “why don’t you just buy a wig then” if you ask them about it. To be honest, i’m getting really sick and tired of the general non-caring way they treat us.

Well that was it for my rant, i just needed to vent for a bit.


2 thoughts on “I’m going bald

  1. Hey Naomi, in this case you can use an off the shelf hair regrowth product that contains Minoxidil 5% concentration (or more) a commercial product is called “Performa Extra Strength 5%” I’m sure you’ll also find other similar brands with the same active ingredient .. I know I’ve seen it in a pharmacy when I was in a business trip in Germany .. so I bet it’s available in European markets in general .. it’s to be used twice per day .. check it out as well as the reviews .. hope this could help ..


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