Diary entry #29 – Bone scan

dexa scanSo today i went to my gender clinic again. Not for a talk with my therapist but i had to get a bone density scan. Apparently anti androgens can cause osteoporosis (porous bones) so they probably wanted to scan to have a base level of how my bones are currently.

Anyway, today was a rainy day and it seems like i’ve made a new enemy. Rain fucks my hair up so bad it’s ridiculous. Being as stubborn as i am, i of course didn’t take an umbrella with me. “Because what are the chances it’ll rain” right. Safe to say, i’ve learned my lesson. Continuing on, i did my regular bike, train, subway journey to the gender clinic.

Once there i had a look around where i needed to be. So i walked for a bit until i saw doors with “radiation hazard” on them. That seemed like somewhere i needed to be so i checked in at the reception. The man behind the counter wasn’t even surprised that trans people come here anymore so that was nice.

After a bit of waiting in the waiting room, a doctor called me in. He was a really nice and friendly man so that lifted my anxiety of whatever was going to happen for a bit. Seeing as this was a scan, i had to remove every piece of clothing except my socks, shirt and underwear. It was kind of awkward standing there in my girly hipster but the doctor didn’t seem to mind. I wasn’t the first trans person to come there half naked he said jokingly.

He told me what we were going to do and that i had to lie down on a bed with this scan thing above me. Not only did he need a full body scan, he wanted separate ones for my legs and arms too. So i had to lie down in different positions to get the best images of those areas. The scan thing buzzing above my head was kind of scary but other than that it was pretty cool to see. It was pretty fun that the bed moved too so it kind of felt like i was in some sort of flight simulator.

After it all was done he thanked me and said he’d send the results to my therapist. Hopefully it’s nothing too bad ;). I also wanted to make sure my endocrinologist appointment was on the right date, as i really didn’t want that to go wrong. I moved my appointment because of college exams, but worry not, it’s just a mere two days later. So i asked the woman at the gender clinic’s reception and she said everything was fine so atleast i have no worries about that anymore :). Sadly it was raining on the way home so i pretty much looked like a wet cat, which kind of hurts my passing capability. But oh well i have my own stupidity to blame.

In other news: Apparently i get started immediatly on hormones once i’ve gone to the endocrinologist according to reliable sources (my irl trans friends). I don’t even have to wait for bloodwork results, they just give me the standard dose to take home with me. After a month on hormones they’ll look if my dose needs to be higher or lower, which is fine with me. This means i’ll be actually starting sooner than i expected, and by that i mean at the end of this month :). I’m kind of stressing out already but i’m confident i’ll be able to handle it once the time is there.


6 thoughts on “Diary entry #29 – Bone scan

  1. I am soo thrilled for you, please keep us posted on even the first days of being on hormones! (((((((((((((((((((((((hug)))))))))))))))))))))

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