Diary entry #30 – It all begins

monesYes! It’s finally time. The waiting game is over!

I was more calm than usual this morning, which is unusual because i am usually anxious when going to my gender clinic. Of course i knew what was going to happen there so i guess i had nothing to worry about. Public transport on the way there was full to the brim which kind of sucked. I’m not one that has claustrophobic tendencies, but this was pushing my limit. I couldn’t even move in any direction, it was that full.

On the contrary, there were no other people besides the staff at my gender clinic when i arrived. I quickly checked in and got called by a handsome young doctor shortly after. Believe me, this dude was hot. Apparently i’ve got a thing for doctors now. Anyway, he started off explaining what hormones did which of course i already knew so it was just background noise to me. After that he wanted to measure me. This time i had to put off even more clothes than when i was doing the bone scan. Only my underwear was allowed. So yeah that felt kind of awkward. He wanted to measure my height, weight, waist, hips, shoulders and upper arm strength. I expected they would measure more, but luckily i’ve got my own measuring thing going on as you guys know. They also wanted me to cross off which picture of body hair and level of baldness resembled me.

He then explained some more stuff but he said he could skip a whole lot of it because i already knew. So i did just that and then we were pretty much done, just had to sign some documents stating i was fully aware what hormones were going to do to me. The next stop was some blood work further away in the building. They still want to know if i don’t have anything weird in/on me of course. The waiting line for blood work went pretty fast so that was nice.

Once there i saw i had to fill 6 vials. 6 fucking vials. I don’t know how much that totaled to but it seemed like much to me. I’m kind of scared to death of anything medical going into me, so i was looking wide-eyed at the needle. “First time?” the woman said. Well yeah, it was my first time. I’ve always been healthy all of my life so there was never a need for a blood test. I just looked away when she stabbed me with it. Oddly enough i could only feel the needle a bit, but not the blood drawing part. Once she was done with the sixth vial i became all dizzy and nauseous. My sight was blurry and i couldn’t move. I didn’t know what the hell was happening to me.

I woke up with a wet towel on my head and my mom holding my hand. Apparently i had fainted from all the blood i lost. She told me i was gone for a good 20 seconds. I had no idea that i was falling away until she told me i did. It seems like not eating or drinking anything (which was mandatory for this blood test) does not work with drawing lots of blood. I immediatly drank some soda and ate something after the woman was done. After that i recovered pretty quickly.

Ten minutes later i had to fill in some paperwork that was about how i was feeling and my sexual life (fun as always). While answering the questions i had a good conversation with a ftm and her mom. Her mom kind of had the same ideas about her child being trans as my mom does so that was nice. Once i was done i got my HRT receipt printed and i could go and get them downstairs. Sadly i only got two weeks worth of it from them, but it’s understandable as there is a possibility i may have a bad reaction to them (the stuff that’s in the pills, not the effects that it gives). Otherwise it would be a pretty big waste of 3 months of hrt if i need another way of administering them.

I went home quickly, well not quickly but just in the figure of speach. I took my first dose of hormones after lunch. My dosage is 50mg cyproterone x 1 and progynova 2mg x 2 a day. Might seem a little high as a starting dose, but that’s just how they do things at my gender clinic.

As of writing this (it’s about 10pm right now) i haven’t felt any different yet from taking it. Apart from the relief of not having my body masculinize anymore of course ;). I’ll make a post next week where i’ll write about what changes i’ve noticed, even though it might be small or not any at all.

PS: the estrogen looks like small skittles (or like birth control) and the cypro like ordinary aspirin which i found kind of funny.


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