Progress report: Week 1 on HRT

First off for the people who didn’t know, i started hormone treatment last week. Secondly, i’m aware that the effects experienced in the first week or two can entirely be the result of the placebo effect. I will post a little update every week on this blog writing about anything hormones do that i noticed. I will continue doing this until the effects start slowing down and then will probably do this every month. I will not talk around the subject of sexuality, as it is a part of what can change during transition too.

29 october 2014*

  • Hot flushes
  • Mind feels less “cloudy”
  • Sense of relief that my body will masculinize no further
  • Upper back and arms ache
  • Woke up sweating multiple times
  • For whatever reason i found it hard to pee standing up

* Some things that happened on this day may be the result of my blood loss from the blood test.

30 october 2014

  • I seem to have less hair loss (there weren’t as many hairs in the shower or in my brush)
  • Slightly nauseous

1 november 2014

  • My hair feels less greasy in the morning
  • Right leg aches

3 november 2014

  • Weird sense of clarity (my thoughts aren’t all over the place)
  • I feel calmer
  • I seem to be less anxious in public places
  • Emotions seem to be mildly stronger
  • Nipples are slightly sensitive

4 november 2014

  • Nipples get stiff around the same time every day since two days ago (even when it’s not cold)
  • Chest area feels “heavy” and slightly sore

On the days not noted here either nothing happened or something i couldn’t confirm if it was different from before HRT. One weird thing i noticed is that during the week, my energy level hasn’t dropped a bit. One of my meds (cypro) is supposed to make me more lethargic in the first few weeks but i see no difference in energy (yet).


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