Life Story

As i’ve began hormone replacement therapy, i guess it’s about time i start posting about how it all started. My therapist would probably be fine with it because i doubt he’ll ever read the 10 page life story ever again now that i’m done with the diagnostic phase. Mind you, my life story is all written in dutch, so it’ll take a while for me to translate it to readable english.

When i started writing it last year on paper i gave it what i think was a fitting title. It’s called “A life of gender confusion and denial” which as you will notice once you’ve read a few posts of it, resembles my struggles with gender dysphoria throughout my life. The first post will be about what my parents remember about me doing anything gender nonconforming and just bits of pieces i just don’t remember. From what i can remember regarding gender dyshoria goes from the age of 9 until a little bit after my 21st birthday. These posts, of course will be a lot more detailed than the part of what my parents remembered. I don’t mean to brag, but i got a damn good memory.

So gather round children, aunt Naomi is going to tell you the origin story of her gender confusing life.


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