Life Story part #1 – Where it all began (i guess)

First off, this series will consist of mostly short posts regarding my memories of gender dysphoria. This one will be about what my parents remembered what could have been cases of gender dysphoria in my very early childhood. Since i don’t remember it myself either because i was too young or just didn’t notice it, i take it with a grain of salt seeing it as a sign of early gender dysphoria. So it might very well mean nothing until i start getting to the memories of myself that i’m aware that something was wrong. Anyway, let’s get going.

Before i was born my mom didn’t know whether i was going to be a boy or a girl. She didn’t want to know unlike my brothers where she did know beforehand. She told me her pregnancy felt different from my two brothers and was sure i was going to be a girl. So it was a pretty big surprise when she gave birth to me, a boy. Luckily she bought blue baby clothes a month before anyway because she hates pink.

As a baby i cried a lot, like really that much that it almost drove my parents mad, unlike my two brothers who were relatively silent babies. As i got a little older i still stayed a very emotional child. Still a lot of crying and I always latched myself onto the leg of my father when he came home from work. I suppose i wasn’t sure where he was going or if he was ever coming back. So when that time came every day i was apparently very happy according to my mom. Not that there was any reason for my dad to leave by the way.

Kindergarten was kind of a mixed bag when it came to friends. I had both male and female friends and no real preference even though my best friend was a girl.

When i was around five me and my brothers sometimes had to wear a sailor uniform. My dad is very fond of anything that has to do with boats so that’s why. According to my mom i absolutely hated wearing it while my brothers had no problem with it. I believe my parents still have a photo with a very angry me in a sailor uniform somewhere.

A year or so later my parents hired someone to help with the upbringing of me. The reason they couldn’t handle me anymore was because i had erratic behaviour and i was all over the place. The woman they hired filmed bits and pieces every week so i can still look back to what i was like back then. Safe to say, i was kind of a weird kid. Whatever she did apparently worked according to my parents because i got a lot calmer.


I’m sure there’s more my parents haven’t told me yet but this is it for now for what my parents remember. Whenever i hear more from them i’ll add it here.


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