Life Story part #2 – Intro and apparent gender differences

From now on i will write about my own memories regarding gender dysphoria.

During the years 0-8 of my life i can’t remember much that happened that had a lot to do with gender. I knew boys were different than girls, but the real difference wasn’t really clear to me, only that girls had long hair and boys didn’t. When i started going to elementary school that started to change. During recess all the boys always went to play soccer and the girls played all kinds of non-sporty games. I absolutely had no interest in playing soccer with the rest of the guys. I liked to play hide and seek, hung in a climbing frame or played other games.

Whenever i hung in my climbing frame i was always curiously looking at whatever the girls were doing. Some times i asked if i could join them in whatever game they were playing, but i wasn’t always allowed because i was a “boy”. I didn’t understand why they reacted like that, why should it matter whether you were a girl or boy to play a game?


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