Life Story part #5 – “You sit like a girl”

I was age 10 and in grade four or five. On mondays we always had to tell everyone whatever you did during the weekend. When someone was talking about their weekend one monday, a few boys next to me remarked that i sat like a girl and that it should be different. One even asked if i was gay. I didn’t understand what i did wrong, i had been sitting like that way all my life.

I definitely wasn’t gay so i asked them how i was supposed to sit. Sitting like a boy was supposed to felt very uncomfortable to me. But being as young as i was i sure didn’t want to be seen as gay so i started sitting more like a boy out of fear until it became second nature.


One thought on “Life Story part #5 – “You sit like a girl”

  1. Reading this post reminded me of a similar experience I had growing up. Instead of sitting for me it was was the way I held my hands. Like you I started holding my hands the way boys seem to do it so people wouldn’t seem me as gay. It wasn’t comfortable either and I was always self conciseness about my hands and how someone might perceive me holding them.

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