Progress report: Week 3 on HRT

Week 3 of “are these pills really working?”

13 november 2014

  • Felt lethargic and energyless in the morning

15 november 2014

  • Facial hair seems to be growing slower (But i doubt it really does)

17 november 2014

  • Cried for the first time since ages (for good reason, this wasn’t out of the blue)
  • Nipples are very sensitive to the touch, they even get stiff when my shirt rubs past them
  • Nipples hurt a little when i push them

18 november 2014

  • There’s definitely more fat on my chest, even though there are no breast buds to be seen which is kind of weird
  • The amount of head hair i lose daily is much lower than a few weeks back (no regrowth though)
  • Libido took a huge plunge

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