Life Story part #8 – Second time with make-up on

At the end of sixth grade our class got told that we had to do a musical as a sort of goodbye to the school because we were going to (junior) high school next year. Our teacher told us that everyone had to wear some kind of make-up during the real show. Most of the guys didn’t like it, but i saw it as an opportunity to wear make-up again. So weeks before the real show i was already anticipating that moment.

Once the day of the musical came they put some eyeliner and some sort of powder on me. Surprisingly enough, the feeling that i had when i wore make-up for the first time was back. It was exactly the same, it felt natural. After the show was done i went home and my mom told me to get the make-up off my face. Of course i wanted it to stay on for a bit longer. But i didn’t really have a choice, what would my parents think of me, a boy that wanted to wear make-up.

Just before (junior) high school started i decided that everything that had to do with gender was bullshit and that i should start acting like a guy was supposed to. Girls and everything girls liked was stupid and i shouldn’t bother doing anything that they did.


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