Diary entry #31 – Back to the therapist

backAlthough i’m now done with diagnostics and already on hormones, i still have to see my therapist every once in a while. Just to talk about how i’m doing and try to help with a couple of things i might have trouble with.

So i went to the gender clinic as usual, nothing out of the ordinary. And of course it still looked like a dead place, as only one other person was there. I was half an hour early so i just waited for a bit until the other person asked me something. “Hey, you on hormones?”. I answered with yes and he wanted to ask me some questions about it. “You notice any change in libido?”. I said it sure was lower than before i started hormones. He didn’t like that answer. “Sex is a big thing in my life and i don’t want to lose my libido”. I told him that hormones work different on everyone so he might not lose it. He seemed to be ok with that answer. He was a weird dude nonetheless, sitting there with a full beard and he did want hormones but not all of the effects that it gave. He wasn’t planning to live as a woman either. I’m pretty sure i just talked with a confused crossdresser or something.

Anyway, my therapist went to get me. I had to tell him how i experienced my first month on hormones. He said i was pretty early with my breasts budding, but the rest of the effects were relatively on par. Then we talked about me going fulltime. I am already sorta fulltime (sorry guys, i didn’t tell you about this!) except for college. College will follow in due time (somewhere early next year). He was fine with that and told me to just keep doing what i was doing. After he was done i talked a bit with a transgirl about some trans things in the waiting room.

To be honest, i think these new meetings with my therapist are a complete waste of time. It barely lasted half an hour. I feel like these meetings are just to make sure i’m still alive and doing well or something. If i have nothing to tell, not much will happen during the meeting. Sucks it’s mandatory though.


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