Life story part # 13 – Clothing

I was 16 and for most people this age should be one of the most fun years of their puberty. Not for me. I got more feelings i didn’t know or wanted to have. I began to get aversion of my boy clothing because i didn’t like how it looked and it just didn’t feel right.

When our family went into the city i sometimes looked into the shops to see what female outfits the mannequins were wearing. If we went into a clothing shop i saw all kinds of female clothing i wanted to buy and wear. But of course i was a boy so we just raced past the women’s section onto the men’s section. I really had to hold myself back not to say anything to my mom about that i didn’t want to wear boy’s clothing anymore. But i was extremely scared what my parents would think of it so i never told them and just kept buying boy’s clothing.


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