Life story part #15 – Love and jealousy

At the begin of one of the years in high school a girl fell in love with me. Why she saw me as a potential love interest instead of all the other guys is unknown to me. She was easily the best looking in my class, i wasn’t even close to being in the same league as her. Sometimes she “accidentally” touched me, just to have a reason to be close to me. She also liked calling my name really enthousiastic. Her friends always tried to send me her way so she could be with me. This girl was madly in love with me. I understood that i had to take the next step if i wanted a relationship with her because she was way too shy to ask me.

Only the problem was, i didn’t love her back, i was just extremely jealous of her because she was a girl. Essentially i only saw her as access to clothing and make-up. Because of this jealousy i just couldn’t see myself being in a relationship with her so i stopped showing interest in her. After a while she got the message that i didn’t want her so she gave up trying to be together.


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