Life story part #18 – Young transitioner

One day i was browsing around on the internet and i ended up on a videochat website. I enjoyed the community there so i hung around for a bit. A few girls and one guy had their webcam on. One of the girls there told the chat that she was transgender. I didn’t believe it because she just looked like any ordinary girl. Multiple people in the chat asked for proof because they didn’t believe it either. When she showed multiple photo’s from when she still was a boy and showed her hormones i knew she was telling the truth.

I was “mind blown” by this because i had never seen someone that was transgender, that young and that turned out really well. I thought everyone looked like some kind of old creepy transvestite. I was extremely curious so i asked the girl all kinds of things about being transgender. What had happened in my life so far didn’t seem to be that weird according to her, our stories were similar. My opinion that day went from “It’s not possible that i’m transgender” to “I might very well be transgender”.



One thought on “Life story part #18 – Young transitioner

  1. This is something I can relate with. I had similar views a while back that I couldn’t be transgender because the image I had in my head of what transgender meant. There wasn’t any particular thing for me that changed that image just over time what I encountered made me realize that the image was wrong and allowed me to consider “Maybe I am transgender” and finally “I am transgender”.

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