Life story part #22 – Another transgirl

I was 19 years old. I met a transgirl on an online game on the computer. She told me she had already transitioned and was going to have her genital surgery (SRS) the next year. She was the first person i ever told that i was possibly transgender. She also said to me that i shouldn’t be so scared about transitioning and that the best i could do is to just sign up at a gender clinic. Sadly enough, that didn’t take away my fears. I didn’t want to be transgender, i just wanted to be a normal guy. If i was transgender i had to turn my whole life around, and at that moment i didn’t really like that idea.



If you’re out there pauseeee (her ingame name), thanks for informing me at this age, it helped me later on to accept myself for who i am.


4 thoughts on “Life story part #22 – Another transgirl

    • I see myself as a pretty boring writer to be honest. I can’t always find the right words in english so i end up with sentences that don’t read smoothly. You should see me editing out typo’s even after i’ve posted it if you watch closely. There certainly is room for improvement here.

      • I am a writer who need a great deal of editing but good editing doesn’t mean good writing, writing your heart does and you are very very good at writing. I can’t wait to read more. Of course their is room for improvement. Every author’s writing is evolving (or it should). In my opinion my best work has yet to be written.

  1. The fears are valid. Its normal to be fearful of turning your life around like that. So many things would change and would they change for the better is the big question. Just going down to the clinic is not going to answer that question.

    So its not sad to me, that your fears where not taken away just a sign that you where not ready at the time to take that step. To some people it may be that easy because they have no doubt, but other people may have doubts and questions that need to be addressed first. We all need to take things when we are ready not because someone else thinks its time or the right thing. When we are ready, then it is just as simple as walking down to the clinic and signing up.

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