Life story part #30 – End

I turned 21. My gender dysphoria has gotten a little less irritating but it still comes back strong every once in a while when i see things that “trigger” me. Whenever i wear my female clothing, it relieves some of my dysphoria. Sometimes i see a girl in the mirror, although only for a split-second. It always takes a while before i notice that that girl was me. When that happens, it always makes me really happy. Sadly enough, my genitals are still the biggest source of my gender dysphoria, sometimes it gets so bad that i get a vomit response. Waiting for the diagnostic phase at my gender clinic to start is not fun, but luckily i have some support from a few trans friends. Even though i have to wait for 6 months, i do have time now to learn girly things like make-up and hairstyles.

I also found a female name for myself. I am now unoficially called Naomi.


I finished writing my life story on paper on 11 january 2014. This is the last paragraph i wrote.


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