Progress report: Month 3 on HRT

Already 1/4th of a year on hormones!

26 december 2014

  • Nipples are incredibly sensitive

2 january 2015

  • My emotions are much more on the edge lately (i’m easier to get upset and start crying)

5 january 2015

  • For some reason i crave social interaction a lot more (pre-hrt i was pretty indifferent towards it)

11 january 2015

  • Crying a lot more often because i’m unsure about some parts of my transition

14 january 2015

  • Breasts have stopped growing 😦 (since the start of month 3)

19 january 2015

  • Some chest and armpit hair seems to have disappeared and/or gotten less coarse

20 january 2015

  • Lips seem to be fuller / more plump

21 january 2015

  • The way i walk has changed to how females normally walk; when i try to walk like a guy it reverts back to the girl walk within a few metres (this could have been caused by hip ligaments and center of balance changing).



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