Tears of joy

I’ve been seeing a girl staring back at me in the mirror more and more lately. Just now i cried when i saw myself. I had tears running down my face and i couldn’t stop looking at my reflection. These weren’t tears of sadness, but tears of joy. Seeing the real me standing there after all those years gives me an unimaginable good feeling. It’s a feeling of incredible happiness and that everything is going to be alright. Like probably any other transperson, i sometimes have doubts about some things too (will i pass? will people accept me for who i am?). With hormones making me look more and more like a girl and seeing that girl in the mirror, these doubts are slowly fading away.

I’ve been way too hard on myself for the past few months. I need to start telling myself that it’s okay to make mistakes and that everything is going to be fine. Rome wasn’t built in a day after all.


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