Diary entry #37 – I am now officially called Naomi

my name isWell… since last week actually, but now i actually have my identification card. So let’s start at the begin shall we.

Last thursday i had to go to my municipality to go and change my legal name. During the day i cried multiple times because you know, it felt like losing a part of myself (as explained here). I had my appointment set at 7pm (19:00) so i kind of had to hold back my tears to apply my makeup. As a side note, crying with makeup on does not look pretty. Anyway, my mom and i took the train and it didn’t take that long before we arrived. Even though we had an appointment we still had to wait 20 minutes or so before we got called to one of the desks. After some chit-chat with the woman behind the desk about if i had all my legal documents with me, she wanted to see them one at a time. First off was my therapist letter, which states that i’ve gone through therapy, have been diagnosed as transgender and have the right to change my name. The woman wasn’t surprised as she already knew i was trans (i told her when making the appointment). She read through it quickly and confirmed that it was the letter i needed.

Next up was my passport. My passport had already expired so she just walked to the back and punched some holes through it which is normal with expired legal documents. Of course she did this after she made a copy and wrote down a couple of things. Thirdly was my identification card which she also wrote a couple of things down about. After she was done with that she asked what my new name was going to be. As you can understand i can’t post my full name here so i just said Naomi [middle name] [last name] to her. I only changed my first and middle name by the way. Then she asked me for some photo’s for my new ID-card. I also had to sign it with my signature but here comes the surprise. My signature, due to my new name didn’t quite resemble my initials anymore. So on the fly i had to figure out a new signature. In the end i ended up with something that looked like my old one but just with my new initials. After signing a lot more of paperwork she said i was pretty much done and that i could come and get my new ID-card next week.

On tuesday i got called by the woman that helped me with my name the week before, which took me by surprise. She told me that apparently one of the documents i signed wasn’t the right one and that i had to come and sign the right one on thursday. Luckily this wasn’t my fault, as i was just signing whatever she said was right. I guess she just wasn’t paying attention that much as we were nearing 8pm (20:00) that day.

So today i went back to come and get my new ID-card. Of course she had me sign the right document first because my ID wasn’t considered legal if i didn’t. After signing she handed me my new ID-card. And to be honest i turned out to look pretty good on my photo. Usually photo’s on legal documents look pretty bad and don’t even look that much like you in other situations. They also changed the design, now it has more colors and a 3D photo on the side. The colors look kind of childish for a legal document in my opinion, but i’m not complaining because the rest does look nicer. After signing a document one more time for the archives, we shaked hands and said our goodbyes. She also told me i was the second transgender woman to change her name in this municipality. So now i’m wondering who the other one is…heh. During all this name change business the woman was really sweet to me and not judgmental at all which is always nice.

So yeah… I am officially called Naomi now. Doesn’t feel that different to be honest, but maybe that’s just because i’m not that used to it myself either. Even though it was a big change for me, i do feel happy and content with it now. It also kind of feels weird looking at my old ID-card and my new one side by side, feels a bit like i don’t recognise the “guy me” anymore.

There used to be a picture of my ID-card here (blacked out parts) but i removed it after an hour. I just didn’t want to take the risk of identity theft. That and the side by side comparison with my old photo is too much of a heavy subject for me to show you guys yet. Maybe i’ll re-add the photo later, but for now it’ll stay like this. I hope you guys understand my decision.

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