Diary entry #41 – The usual endo checkup

needleAs usual, i had to go to my gender clinic again today for an endocrinologist checkup and a therapist appointment. Nothing interesting happened on the way to there so i’ll save you guys the details.

Anyway, when i checked in at my gender clinic’s information desk, my therapist saw me standing there and asked me if i had time to have my appointment right now. I kind of hesitated but after a second or so i was like “why not?”. So i walked into his little therapist room and we started talking. Usually it is just a talk about how i’m doing, but this time i wanted to talk about some stuff too. I told him that i went swimming for the first time again and he was very impressed. Turns out it’s not a thing a lot of transgirls do before having had the surgery. I also talked about how i was doing on my internship and that all my colleagues accepted me and saw me as a girl there. After some more talking he said to me that he wanted to discuss me with the other therapists about if i was ready for “the surgery”. Which means if they give the a-okay i could have my surgery done in half a year. Sadly, my dear readers, it’s not happening for another two years due to college. The recovery period is just too long for one summer vacation.

After being done with my therapist, my endocrinologist came to get me. And surprise surprise, it was yet again another person than last time. It’s kind of weird that i get different people every time. Anyway, she started with printing my hormone receipt and as i looked it over i pointed out that the amount of estrogen was wrong. She, however, was pretty sure that it wasn’t. As i explained her that 11 x 5 was 55 and not 90 she understood that something was wrong here. As it turns out, my pharmacy at home gave me a different brand where the strips have less estrogen pills on them. So they gave the right amount, just for the wrong brand of medicine.

After we cleared that up, one of her assistants started measuring me, as usual. Nothing out of the ordinary, except one thing. My upper arm strength increased by quite a lot (from 34 units to 50). Which is very odd, as i’m supposed to get weaker the longer i’m on hormones. I also haven’t been lifting heavy things or anything lately, so i’m clueless as to why i suddenly got stronger. Oh and my hips got bigger by 2cm (0.8 in). I also had a question for her as to why my boobs had a bit of an odd shape, but she assured me that it was a normal shape for a still growing boob. She couldn’t tell me if they were ever going to get bigger though (they have not grown in the past few months). And with that we ended the conversation and i went home again.