Progress report: 10 Months on HRT

Closing in on to a year

14 august

  • Breasts seem to have gotten rounder

Lack of posts…

Hey guys and gals, as you’ve probably noticed i haven’t been writing a lot on this blog anymore besides progress reports.  This is mostly because i am having an internship at a company and i often make 10 hour work days. So when i come home i’m pretty tired and don’t really have the willpower to post stuff on here.

But fear not! In two weeks i will be done with my internship and will be going to college again. Which means i’ll have more time to take care of this blog. I’m planning to post some of my voice work on here (my girlvoice) which i’ll hope you’ll enjoy. I think i got lucky that i have a voice coach at my internship who helps me with my voice (I intern at a radio/tv network). And maybe some smaller posts about stuff i bought, small things i did if you guys would like that. And of course, pictures of me! I won’t be hiding my appearance endlessly, i think i’m now comfortable enough to post more of myself.

So yeah, small update.