Attention from men

This summer i’ve been noticing that i’m getting more and more attention from men.      And i’m not sure if that’s in a good way.

Like last month, i walked by a restaurant and as i passed i got whistled at. I looked back to see who it was and saw a guy smiling at me. I was like, is this guy serious? I kind of felt uncomfortable so i just walked a little faster to get out of his vicinity.

And another time i was just sitting on a bench in a park and a guy passed me on his bike and said “bella” to me (which is beauty in italian). I wanted to say thanks back but i didn’t because i still kind of have a manly voice. Also when i was walking through Amsterdam two weeks ago, some guy was looking at me and when i noticed him he did that hand kiss thing (blowing an air kiss?) towards me.

And last week i had to get my new contact lenses. So i went on my bike and when i was locking it near the lens building i noticed two kind of fat men sitting across the street watching me. So i got inside, paid for my lenses and went outside again. The two guys were still following me with their eyes. As i unlocked my bike and wanted to go away again they waved at me and said goodbye. I totally didn’t know these men so i kind of did an awkward wave back. To be honest, i thought it was pretty creepy of them just watching me like that.

Oh and men suddenly hold doors for me and are generally nicer.

I’m not quite sure why men do this sort of flirtatious behaviour , i sure as hell didn’t do it back when i was still a dude. It’s not like i’m gonna walk towards them and ask them for their phone number or something. It just makes me uncomfortable when they do it and the chance that i’m actually gonna flirt back with some random guy is pretty much zero. The only thing i can imagine is that they just see a girl walking past them and they want to let her know that they like her or want to let her know she looks nice or something. Something like a compliment.

But anyway, it’s kind of confirming that guys actually see me as a girl. At least, that is until i open my mouth and start talking. It’s still pretty creepy though, and i think it takes some time for me to get used to attention from men.

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