Progress report: 12 Months on HRT

Nothing new or interesting happened this month. But what i can show you is a              summary of what changes i had in the past year.


  • I have boobs now (A cup)
  • I feel a sense of clarity, my mind doesn’t feel cloudy anymore
  • I’m more emotional
  • Body hair grows slower
  • I feel a lot calmer
  • My skin is softer
  • Libido took a nose dive
  • I get colder more easily (whatever the reason for that is)
  • I have had some hair regrow on my head
  • My acne disappeared completely
  • Lost muscle mass
  • Waist got smaller
  • I can smell things better
  • I have less anxiety
  • My face got rounder and less masculine
  • My butt got bigger
  • I’m more social

From now on i will be doing these kind of progress reports every three months. Because i doubt a lot of changes will happen in the second year.

One thought on “Progress report: 12 Months on HRT

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