Diary entry #42 – Surgery consult

surgerySo two months ago my gender clinic told me i was eligible for surgery (SRS). Two days ago i had an appointment about that. First we had to be in a group meeting with other people so that the assistant surgeon could give us some general information about the surgery.  I was quite surprised by the amount of people that were there, there were only four other transwomen.

After a while the assistant surgeon started her presentation. First she was talking about how the male pelvis and female pelvis are different. This was important for us to know because she showed us where the neo-vagina was going to be. She also asked us to find a doctor that gives training of the muscles of the pelvis. The core muscles of the pelvis have to be strong so it holds everything together during the surgery or something.

Then she went on with the actual information about the neo-vagina. She showed us some pictures of the neo-vagina right out of surgery and after a year. To be honest, it does look a bit like a battlefield right out of surgery. The picture of a year after you wouldn’t even know that it was ever touched by a surgeon. So i was quite amazed by that. She went on telling us the risks along with pictures. It was a bit gruesome so i’ll save you guys the details, but the risk of complications is fairly high. And i’m not very amused that i can’t use my bicycle for three months after the surgery because apparently it hurts too much. So that means no surgery during the college summer vacation for me.

As she was done with the presentation she invited each of us in turn for a personal consult. Since three of us were still in the waiting room we started talking. I talked with a 17 year old transgirl who you wouldn’t even know was trans if she wasn’t at the gender clinic. But that’s the benefit of starting at 14 years old i guess.  We talked a bit about our lives and how to get a good womanly voice.

After a while it was my turn for the personal consult. I asked her some questions about recovery time, the waiting list and a couple of other things. It surprised me that the waiting list was only four weeks long. Anyway, she also wanted to do some measuring of my uhh… genitals. According to her i had more than enough “tissue” so that’s a good thing i guess. After measuring we were finished and she asked me to go to another part of the clinic (where the surgeries are done) to sort of set a surgery date. Due to college it’s going to be in summer 2017. I’m just not willing to risk going to college when it’s not fully healed, so i’m going to wait till i graduate. So save that date i guess :p.

Progress report: measurements month 12


Click the next tab on the bottom of the screen for months 7 – 12 and for the difference between begin and 12 months, click the tab next to that.

Notable changes this month

  • Shoulders got a lot smaller (probably due to lazy measuring of those the last few months, so the change looks bigger, sorry)
  • Thighs and calves got smaller
  • My body shape changed

Notable changes this whole year

  • I lost a little height
  • Shoulders got a lot smaller
  • I grew to an A cup
  • Upper and under bust decreased in size
  • My feet got smaller
  • My waist got smaller
  • My body shape changed
  • Hair on my head has regrown
  • Overal body hair is either gone or sparse (facial hair entirely gone)
  • I got softer skin and my complexity is better
  • My acne disappeared
  • No more erections and libido plummeted
  • I can smell better now
  • I got more emotional
  • I spent nearly 3000 euro’s on my transition already

Disappointments (things i hoped that changed but didn’t or changed much at all)

  • I thought i would lose more height
  • Even though my feet shrank, i still wear the same shoe sizes
  • The size of my biceps didn’t change at all
  • Breasts haven’t grown since month 5 (i expected something towards a B cup)
  • Hips didn’t get bigger at all (probably due to my age)
  • My hands didn’t get smaller
  • My face measurements didn’t get smaller, even though i definitely look different now

So yeah. Just as with the hormone progress report, i’ll be doing this every three months now too. I hope we’ll still see changes into the next year.