Diary entry #43 – Photoshoot

So first a little backstory. At college we have a certain project going on where you have to make your own (media) product with your group. Our project group is making a music app which of course i’d love to tell about but because the idea can be stolen i’d rather not until its finished.  Anyway, a group from another class had transgender people as their target group. So obviously since i was the only transgirl they knew at college i got invited for an interview. They just wanted to know some things about transgender people to get a grasp on what product they wanted to make.

Fast forward six weeks i got invited by that group for a photoshoot. They wanted to make inspirational posters with transgender people on it. Safe to say, i was pretty excited about it. My dad however warned me about that this could turn out badly for me because the poster could end up in places i would not want it to be. The group assured me it was just for college and nowhere else so finally i accepted the offer.

So yesterday i went to the studio where the photoshoot was going to take place. I have to say it was quite hard to find because i stood in front of a gate that wouldn’t open. The place was supposed to be behind that gate. So i pushed some buttons and waited till someone came to get me. One of the girls of the group came walking towards me and told me that the buzzer wasn’t very loud so she didn’t hear it the first few times. She took me inside and we walked towards the studio. It looked like pretty much any photoshoot studio, white background, lots of lights, some props and a very expensive camera. The photographer herself looked pretty young still.

After the first impressions the crew talked to me for a bit to get me comfortable with the idea of getting photographed. After reapplying some of my makeup i told the photographer i was ready. After a few photo’s she told me to put off my cardigan because she couldn’t see my collarbones which was a feature she liked. This wasn’t the first time someone told me they liked my collarbones, i’m not sure why people like it because i don’t think it’s a particularly feminine feature. Anyway, my posture had to be fairly neutral except i had to laugh/smile. After a hundred something photo’s she told me some more about what she noticed about me. Apparently i have a twinkle in my eyes when i laugh, the left side of my face is my best side and my forced laughs look natural. I’m not sure if the laughing thing is a good thing or not.

She must’ve taken over 300 photo’s before she found the perfect one of me laughing. I had a look at it and agreed that that one was probably the best. After i was done another transwoman came walking in. We shook hands and talked for a bit. She told me she was 61 years old and had been transitioning for 12 years. She didn’t look 61 to be honest. She did however totally not dress her age which was pretty obvious. She wore a jean-like skirt and a top that was obviously showing off her boobs. I think not dressing your age is one of the worst mistakes you can make if you want to pass as a woman but i digress. She also asked me if i wanted to be with her on a photo together. I accepted but i was obviously uncomfortable with it. She touched me a few times (don’t worry not on wrong places) which is not ok with me. I really don’t like being touched by people i don’t know.

The crew then wanted to know what quote i wanted to be next to the photo for on the poster. I said i liked “I’m just a girl like any other” as my quote. Might sound a bit dull, but it sounds a lot better and the point comes across more in Dutch. The subtext of that quote of course meaning that i want to be treated like any other girl. The crew liked it and thanked me for helping out with the photoshoot. I also asked if i could have some of the photo’s to which they told me they would send them to me in a few days. Before leaving they also gave me a box of choclates as a thank you gift. After saying everyone goodbye i went on my way home again.

I have to say, doing a photoshoot was pretty cool and an interesting experience. I know you guys would love to see the photo’s but i’ll just have to wait for a bit for the studio to send them to me. I’ll update this post with an image when i get them :p.