Diary entry #44 – Genital hair removal

laser deviceWarning: genital talk (nothing too gruesome though)

So last time i went to my hair removal clinic, i forgot to write a post about it. Now two weeks ago i had my second appointment, so i’ll write about that now before i forget it again.

First a bit of how it went last time. Safe to say it was an extremely painful and an uncomfortable experience. Its like facial hair removal but 10x as painful. As it turned out, i put way too little of the numbing cream on the area, which was the reason i endured ungodly amounts of pain there. Seriously, i was in tears while she was doing it. Anyway, enough talk about that experience.

Two weeks ago i went to the hair removal clinic again but this time i came prepared. I just thought ‘fuck it’ and put the whole tube of cream on the genital area. That might have sounded like a stupid idea, but i’ll tell you about that a little bit further. Anyway, i put the cream on and wrapped my genitals with plastic foil (as instructed by the clinic last time). As you can imagine, walking was a little awkward and tucking my genitals wasn’t even possible. Luckily a long shirt covering that area solved that problem.

So i arrived at the hair removal clinic and had to wait for a bit until the skin therapist (?) was ready. It’s always incredibly awkward undressing in front of a doctor. She was pleased to see most of the hairs already stopped growing.  When i touched my genitals i felt they were indeed numb this time. It kind of feels like your hand is sleeping, but this time it’s your genitals. So atleast i did something good this time. The doctor also asks every time whether i want to hold it myself or if she wants to do it (can’t do laser without a relatively flat surface). Even though i have genital dysphoria, i rather have me hold it myself than some doctor does. I would die of embarassment if she did.

The treatment itself is pretty much the same as with facial hair removal. Add cold gel -> laser away hairs -> take care of the red area (ice pack/creams). And afterwards your genitals hurt for a day or two (it’s manageable though). She also removed some of my facial hair again, even though i don’t have that much anymore. I will keep going until i see no more hairs grow there though.

So yeah, like 6 more appointments of that, painful or not.