Welcome. This is my about page, but who the hell reads about pages these days anyways?

I am a 22 year old transgender girl (Male to Female) from the Netherlands who apparently won the wrong genetic lottery at birth. My brain is wired in the same way as a female, although my body is male. For the people who are familiar with the term transgender this is nothing new of course. So now i’m on a journey to fix what should have been right the first time, having my body align with my mind that is. As of now i am on hormones since 29 october 2014.

But enough about being trans.

Growing up as a boy has left me with a whole range of somewhat typical male interests and hobbies. I play computer games a lot and can even build computers myself. I’m also interested in photography, although i don’t sink too much time into that. Other than that i’m a jack (jill?) of all trades, so i can do a bit of everything. Plus i’m learning to do makeup and fashion and it seems these were hidden interests of mine i didn’t find out until i accepted myself for who i was.

I will most likely use my wordpress page to ramble about anything i can think of and use it as a small kind of diary to write down my train of thought. I will probably expand this page in the future.



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